The story of hakino

All started in 2010, in the town of Albi (South West of France), where the two founders of the eyewear brand Hakino met and decided to get together in the creation of eyeglasses, combining their skills and expertise.

Arnaud Balduc – a designer – and Hervé Fraysse – an optician – have launched the French eyewear brand Hakino, whose particularity is to provide glasses with front side made of wood and the arms made of acetate, an innovative combination in this exclusive market.

Each model is unique, handmade in the Jura, fief of the optical sector, by the best workers in France. Material selection is rigorous, the manufacturing steps and assembling strictly controlled, in order to provide customers with a quality spectacle frame, responding to the fundamental values of the brand: a unique design and uncompromising quality, and to answer requirements 100% eco-design, recyclable and hypoallergenic.

The Hakino eyeglasses are distinguished by the simplicity of its models, timeless and chic design. Building on the success of its launch, the brand has rapidly expanded his presence in France, multiplying sales outlets and constantly developing new models, which enlarge his offer.

In 2016, Romain Kyheng an optician located near Nantes succeeded to Hervé Fraysse and is now following the adventure with Arnaud Balduc.
Together, they decided to promote the brand in France and abroad by recruiting a sales force.
Hakino have today more than 50 points of sales and is about to be a reference in wood/acetate spectacles.